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1920, by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heideke Two of them, have established at Franche und Braunschweig Heidekke. Beginning with the production of stereo cameras, in 1929, as soon as we announced the “RolleiFlex 6X6”, a twin-lens reflex camera that caused a huge sensation,The name of the Rollei company quickly spread throughout the world. And Rollei ’s advanced technology and tradition I've announced a great camera. After the evolution of the twin-lens reflex camera and the announcement of Baby Rollei, in 1966, another masterpiece, the “Rollei 35” was released.In 1970, we started manufacturing single- lens reflex cameras and created famous machines such as SL35, SL66, and SLX. “Rollei Flex”, which has had a great influence on the history of photography since the announcement of “Rollei Flex 6X6”, has continued to develop under constant technological innovation. In 2003, the wide-roller camera “Rollei Flex 4.0FW” and the world-wide 6x6cm autofocus-eye reflex camera “Rollei Flex 6008AF” were released. Furthermore, in 2008, the medium format hybrid camera “Rollei Flex Hy6” was released. 3 Until now and now, Laurai has continued to create the world's best camera.

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Rollei GmbH & Co. KG

RCP Technik GmbH & Co. KG

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